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Top Gun Ad-Promotions was established in 1993 with our primary focus on providing our clients with a valuable service rather than just “selling products”. Whether you have a large budget or a very limited budget, we can work with you to successfully promote your business.

Specialty Advertising is one of the most underestimated forms of advertising and both the item selected and the method used will determine the amount of success gained. It is recommended to use Specialty Items in conjunction with your other media advertising and is designed to keep your logo/message in front of the customer as long as the item is used. It is an excellent way to target specific demographics by selecting items which are unique and most appealing to that particular audience.  It is a common mistake for businesses not to be fully aware of the importance of Specialty Advertising and the impact it can make. Although the benefit may not be as immediately apparent as other media advertising, it is a crucial tool for the long term success of your business. Understanding the way Specialty Advertising works will make or break how effective it will be, so be sure to use a true professional rather than someone just interested in selling you a cheap product.

Custom Sportswear is also a very important area of Specialty Advertising. Whether you are sponsoring an event and need inexpensive tee shirts or looking for a professional-uniformed appearance for your employees, we can assist you. We provide professional embroidery and screen-printing on a large selection of garments and fully understand the importance of quality when it is a representing your business.

One of our primary goals is to turn customers into clients. The only way that this is possible, is by doing it better the 1st time and gaining our customer’s trust and repeat business. There are very few advertising Key to successprofessionals with our experience and knowledge of the advertising industry and whom can relate to most any business. With a solid background in Specialty Advertising, Business Management and Engineering, our firm can quickly identify with most any type of business and provide you with the support you deserve. 

Rather than trying to list thousands of items in hopes of “price-grabbing” you, we hope to provide you with effective, affordable ideas that successfully promotes your business. Our competitive pricing coupled with our knowledge and experience in the industry can give your business the edge on your competitors and hopefully encourage you to become a client for years to come.  Contact us today and let us work for you.

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